Ageism, Youthism, Kitchens, Pots and Kettles…

Captain grumpy ol’ fuck at your service…

So, you thought you heard it all yesterday? Well, hold on to your panty hose… that’s only part of it. I’d like to request, most respectfully of course, that the young people in the audience grab some popcorn and take a seat…

Right, with that out of the way let’s get to it…

I’ve seen blog posts by and engaged in conversations with senior people in the vampire culture who are vehemently against the perceived lack of respect shown by a great many younger members of our culture. Not all of the “old guard”, of course, not even most, but enough that it’s gotten my attention.

Many of the “old guard” want to have the Vampire culture/community – whatever you want to call it, commanded and operating in a particular way… well… news for y’all – the kitchen has been continually in a chaotic tumble since day one, cast your mind back to the writings of Lady Amy K in the 90’s and beyond, the so called “Psi-Sang wars”, look at the widening rift between the Sanguinarians and the rest of the culture today. Let’s cut to the chase my friends… and I know full well that much of what I am about to put on our table is not going to be what you want to hear, you’re going to take it, run with it, share it and watch as I get ripped to pieces by the veterans – so be it –care factor zero, truth hurts…right but as I mentioned to a friend the other day, it don’t matter who’s telling it, THE truth is still THE truth…!!! You ready? Very well… I realise, fully, that some of you are of the opinion that youngsters in the culture don’t know crap, that they don’t respect enough, that they are ill-mannered, bad tempered, petulant little children who should be railed against and demeaned until they stfu and go away – THAT’S BULLYING – out and out, pure as the driven snow BULLY TACTICS and you can’t dress it up any other way. Can you sit there and tell us you condone bullying? No? Then why do it? We, out here, can only guess.

You are intelligent, yes, you have been doing this a long time, yes, you have a great depth of knowledge and deep ties to the modern Vampire culture and communities but does that make you perfect? I’m not perfect, far from it but the one thing I can do is I can see that there are two sides to every story and that each side has merits – that is unless one side is a complete set of retarded clowns who haven’t got two single digit I.Q.’s to rub together. In many instances we olds do not always direct and employ our natural intelligence, knowledge, wisdom and intuition properly unless it serves to bolster our own ego and sense of importance in the pecking order, that is why we will not succeed in destroying nor stemming the flow of new and young ideas that are encroaching on what we believe to be our own “sacred space”. Whatever it is we are now aiming for it is going to be, in the end analysis, an amalgam of our history and young ideas.

If we fail to realise the bigger picture, to give heed to what we are railing against, we will end up tearing big holes in the community and we will end up losing the trust and respect that we do currently have with younger Vamps within our organisations. Our “protégés” NEED our trust and respect, that way they grow, bloom and become the best they can be to take over after we are dead. They, in their turn, will draw more young talent into the circle and so the Vampire culture will become stronger and longer lasting – if not we are gonna go the same way as the Ancient Roman Empire… and we will all be Nero’s, fiddling while Rome burns. The Vampire Community is based, and built on, decades of effort and work by a number of individuals who are highly respected, looked up to and are trusted… the “old guard” BUT following them are the “new guard” their protégé’s, their students. We OWE it to them not to trash young people wholesale, they put their trust and faith in us – well, he who calls the tune must eventually pay the piper, capiche? It’s a history that won’t be denied.


Yes, this is the “sandpit” of the VC, yes, it’s been that way since everything first got started… politics, arguments, rhetorical mass postings, disturbing discussions, trends and actions, questionable conduct, even borderline criminal conduct and those are the people calling pots black, on the other side of this tumult we’ve got the people banging on their kettles with metal utensils trying their best to make the most noise in the vain hope that everyone will suddenly recognise them, and them alone, as being the be-all-end-all of all things Vampire.

Bottom line, it’s been chaos, why are we so afraid of letting new young chaos in?

I’m going to ask you something now, a little favour, indulge me or not, ‘sup to you… sit down, close your eyes, no, keep them open so you can read… what were you like at 15? 16? 17? 18? 19?

I’ll share something with y’all – I first learned about the pleasures of the opposite sex, in a big way, at 12, I was smoking at 13 (56 now and still dodging the bullet – so what?) at fourteen I was brawling in the high school yard for no better reason than someone looked at this Skinhead the wrong way, at fifteen I was bashing the bullies at high school for picking on my geek or ethnic mates, 16, I became aware of my true nature (the blood is the life right?) 17, drinking like a merchant marine man and dropping “party favours”. I held the local land speed record for car surfing a half mile stretch of highway past a local police station (making cash on the wagers against me) held the record, local, for the longest continuous train surf out of the central city station, 18 and in my apprenticeship (they couldn’t sack indentured apprentices in them days) me and me mates spent more time calling off sick because we were ‘gone surfing’ or stoned off our freaking faces… etc. etc. etc. I could go on but I won’t, I’m sure you get the picture – WE WERE ALL YOUNG ONCE, we were full of piss and vinegar and we owned the fucking world, remember? We didn’t owe anyone anything, not respect, not obedience and not loyalty.

I am not saying this to be mean, belittling or demeaning… I am simply telling it like it is. Remember what I said, it doesn’t matter who is doing the telling, the truth is still the truth… The VC, like all of society, exists because it has become its own entity, its own force and its own support.


While it is true that the foundations were laid down as early as 1966 there will always be, and always have been dissenting voices, even within our own “oldster” ranks, those voices will, however, keep finding exactly what they have found so far – people annoyed, slinging mud all around the place and getting themselves ignored. Trust me, I been playing this game right alongside of ya – not always simply on one side (because in the old D&D parlance I am a “chaotic good character) As for the folks in positions of power who are going to clamp down on this unruly youth element – Best of British to ya, remember the 60’s???

I am GRUMPY that so many of the “old guard” think that these youngsters are assholes simply for saying something they believe. Their language isn’t the same language we grew up with, their society (in RL) is a prick of a place, really, and in order to survive that you need to be a prick right back… Law of the Urban Jungle – So, amigos, older and more senior, therefore supposedly smarter and wiser, get off the dreamboat, If you want the respect, show a little IN GOOD FAITH in return, if you want these young folk to hear your voice, stop moaning about how the younger generation has no respect, start listening to their ideas with an OPEN MIND, you do remember how to do that don’t you? When you speak to them use a proper voice and forms of address and respect the fact that when you’ve gone the way of this fella [insert T-Rex picture] they’ll still be here.


‘Nuff said..!!!

There, I’ve had my say, probably pissed off a good number of people along the way, I’ll say it again, TRUTH HURTS.

This whole comedy started with one writer’s personal opinion of a trend that they saw. Doesn’t mean ALL others thought that way but it has, with all the pissy, moany, whiny crap going on become exactly the thing that the culture has always roundly decried – a circular argument of “who can outbitch the loudest bitch” that is of no value, no substance and serving NO PURPOSE.

“Old guard” – stop moaning like an old hooker at a religious convention.
“Young guard” – stop moaning like an old nun at a Vegas hooker’s convention

It demeans all who claim to have intelligence.