The World According to Dark Tourist

OK my lovelies,

After much ado, hullabaloo, and outright poo, I’ve finally watched the episode of Dark Tourist that contained GVC members in it.  Ya know what I saw.  EXACTLY WHAT I EXPECTED TO.

Casual observation of the episode produces THIS synopsis: A person who is looking to understand the community based on his OWN point of view WHICH, by the way, had NOTHING to do with experience WITHIN the GVC.  This person, a journalist, with a sensationalized, produced for the limited attention span of the masses, wannabe scare-a-thon…

I watched as KNOWN vampires, Lord Chaz, Maven, Logan, and Daley appeared in the first portion to show their connections to vampirism.  Attempts to be enigmatic aside, they opened up themselves to show this person vampirism from THEIR perspective.  They shared Logan and Daley’s love for each other with the world by sharing a piece of their wedding.  Maven shared his thoughts and bared a piece of HIS soul…  All of it wasn’t the surreal “acting” piece that so many people seemed to make it out to be.  They weren’t garishly dressed.  They weren’t being all Shakespearean in effort. They were just being THEM.

So why all the hullabaloo over how they were dressed, acted, or whatever… I didn’t see the person/journalist being an asshole.  I saw them asking questions and getting nonplussed answers to those questions in an attempt to be enigmatic.  *shrug* When you allow a journalist to develop their own POV about what you are attempting to explain to them, you can’t be enigmatic and nonplussed in your answers… They will ALWAYS jump to the wrong conclusion on whatever the topic is… ESPECIALLY in a show that is based on sensationalism.

I watched as New Orleans Vampire Association members opened up their home and lives for the camera to celebrate one of their own in keeping with their own traditions.  I watched as, yet again, I performed a “clean technique” which WAS explained (yet somehow didn’t make it into the final cut… Ah. The magic of editing!!) as it is during EVERY filming.  Donovan (Sheoul, as he is known in the local community) WAS/IS a roommate, was not homeless when he moved in, and, this was his very first appearance on-screen.  Nervous. Yes.  He is not one of my regular Donors.  He was a stand-in because 2 of my Donors were out-of-town, 1 was sick, and the last one DOES NOT WANT TO BE ON CAMERA AT ALL due to his job sensitivity.

Unlike what people want to proclaim, this is and was the truth of the situation.

Editing notwithstanding, this episode wasn’t the worst thing filmed by any of the members of the GVC on ANY level.  The journalist was able to see MULTIPLE people within the community, straight, LGBT, dressed up, and in jeans and t-shirts… The only true issue I have is that for ALL of the time they spent with BOTH sets of Vampires, they cut it down to a 15 minute segment.  How is ANYONE supposed to get a clear view of the GVC if people film for days at a time to whittle it down to a 15 minute segment?

NOW FOR THE BITCH SECTION of this writing…

If you’re so fucking insecure about yourself that you have to tear someone else down due to the piss poor editing of a show, then maybe you should rethink your fucking role as a “leader” of the GVC.  I’m sorry… To attack someone based on a NON-GVC member’s point of view because you chose to PURPOSELY be enigmatic and nonplussed in your answering of questions is ASININE, at best. It is the height of STUPIDITY, at worst.  Worse yet, to attack someone’s sexuality… That numbers you among the lowest of the low. PERIOD.  I don’t expect an apology.  I don’t demand an apology.  I DESERVE an apology for your homophobic rhetoric… I know it won’t come, however, because of your own attitude. You echoed the same lies, in your heinous, whiny, bitchfest that others have attempted to slander me with over the years… Only this time… This time, you chose to post the lies to your wall and attempt to justify your lies by belittling any who spoke the truth to you.  Yeah… How very Trumplethinskin of  you… Typical of someone who doesn’t want to face the truth.  The truth is THE SHOW made you feel all assblasted butthurt.  The piss poor editing, the shoddy narration, and the lackadaisical journalist… NOT me.  NOT NOVA… The SHOW.

We won’t even get into the fact that NOVA attempted to drop out of the filming when the crew told us how you “invited” yourselves to participate in it because we didn’t want to be associated with ANYTHING you were part of.  It was the film company that stated that they wanted us to remain part of the filming because they felt you guys were ‘overacting’ and ‘unrealistic in your approach’… *shrug* We tried, they still wanted us to be part of it all.  In the end, they twisted everything from WHY I blessed Lori’s home to every aspect of your ‘performance’ before their cameras.

By all means, however… PLEASE… Continue to blame NOVA and me for the editing of a second rate travel program on a pay-per-view channel.  It shows just how much pull we, as an organization, have throughout the world… (that’s sarcasm, asshats…)

Oh… And to the OTHER person attempting to say the same thing EVEN after people who ACTUALLY lived with me for YEARS spoke up, your blind hatred of me shone through.  Blind.  Hatred.  That’s OK, dear.  We know that you’ve had a hard on for me since the day you announced how you and yours were leaving the community and I told you it was a foolish thing to do… Since then, any way to trash me, my work, my motivation, and anything else I am part of.  Nice try though.  Especially since your ‘key witness’ has never lived with me… EVER… *shrug*  Which means that it is unsubstantiated rumor, at best.  Thanks for playing the “let’s trash Zaar because I’m all butthurt that he wouldn’t support my effort to have Sanguine Vampires walk away from the GVC”… Johnny, tell her what she get’s to leave with!!!

Buh… Buh… Buh-bye.  Do come again…