Yet again… Into the breach

Look. I’m not here to tell you what to believe or why to believe it. I’m here to speak on a subject that seems to be the hallmark of the weak and the plaything of the wannabe in crowd.


OK. We have a group of individuals who seem to find it funny to allow people to threaten others on their facebook wall. “We’re gonna come there and handle things the wolf way”, “Someone should beat that ass”, “I’m planning a road trip to show those assholes just what I can do” and shit like this.

Are you fucking kidding me?? Have you fucking NOT been paying attention to what the hell is going on in the United States lately? People are being absolutely ape-shit bonkers and following through with OTHER people’s threats of violence.

Hell. We even have idiots carrying out shit simply because it will please and/or appease those who CALL people to violence. There are some people who are TRULY mentally ill.  These people will ALWAYS put the needs of one person or another over the safety of the community.

As I wrote, in response to yet another Darwin award winning person, and repeated on VCN, “However, as EVERYONE should be aware, there ARE mentally unstable people in EVERY community on the face of the planet. The GVC is NOT exempt from this fact… (There are) those who WILL take the animosities to the next level. Inciting violence is an actual issue… ESPECIALLY, lately in the America…”

2)  Pointing fingers

C’mon. Do I REALLY have to get into the whole, “this is so fucking childish that it is BEYOND grade school”. Stop. Address the issues that arise and stop with the whole ‘What About-isms”… Who the fuck do you think you are? A bloody fucking Republican talking about Hillary’s friggin emails?? JesusFrigginChristOnACrutch. Grow the fuck up. Are the allegations true, ‘yes’ or ‘no’? Why are they true or false? What’s being done about those that are true? What’s being done about those that are false?

That’s all anyone is TRULY concerned about. Why is this so fucking hard?

As an OPENLY gay man in the GVC, I have had my fair share of false allegations. EVERY time it is by certain individuals that I have spoke out against. EVERY. FUCKING. TIME. And it is ALWAYS, “he slept with an underaged person”, though the individuals making the claims have known me for years and KNOW, beyond the shadow of a doubt that I have never dated anyone under the age of 21. (Cause I like my boiz legal to drink so we can go dancing and attend GVC social functions.) It is ALWAYS the same people. ALWAYS. That spread these malicious, incindiary, and heinous accusations. Always. The. Same. People. I’ve fought these allegations fang and claw and will continue to do so. *shrug* I don’t know any other way.

However. I handle my OWN shit. I don’t plead for people to fight for me. I handle my shit. BECAUSE of this… Because of the type of person I am… Because of the good that I CONTINUE to do DESPITE the heinous allegations levied against me… People have begun to speak up on my behalf.  INCLUDING those that have lived with me for extended periods of time… From my Best Friend, who now resides in Dallas, to people who ACTUALLY were on Contract with me to people who have stood beside me, worked with me, partied with me, and seen me through major bouts of illness or helped me feed the homeless. People have begun to call BULLSHIT on the allegations.

One time those stupid people tried that when I was dating a 36 year old cop. You should have seen the giggle we both got over that shit. Damn it was funny…

3) STOP Attempting To Call People Out As ‘FAKE’

Who the fuck died and made you the Watcher of the Were, the Umpire of Vampire-dom, the Bench of the Bestiary??? You are NOT the authority of what makes a vampire a vampire because EVERYTHING we have is ANECDOTAL at best… Supposition, at worst. So stop.  Just fucking STOP already. You know the one thing that you will NEVER see or hear from me… Who is and who isn’t a vampire. Oh. I have my thoughts on it. I do. However… Calling someone “White Wolf/True Blood posers”, “roleplayers”, “LARPers” or ANYTHING is NOT. YOUR. FUCKING. PLACE.

Sorry. It is not your place. Never was. Never will be. We’ve had enough drama in the community by people attempting to do this. Stop adding to it.

4) Do You REALLY Need To Be So BLATANTLY Stupid

Internet threats are a growing issue in this fucking community. People threatening to dox people all the time. People posting and calling out community members birth names, when people live in situations that can potentially be VERY dangerous. Are you fucking SERIOUS? When did this community turn to acting like the GOP? C’mon, folks. We’ve worked HARD to get from the shadows into OUR version of the light. Many of us live in cities, states, and countries where it is completely, and horrendously, dangerous to be what we are. Those of us that are blessed to live in an area where we can be MORE open city STILL have to be careful. There are simply stupid people out there who will fuck over community members because their names have been laid out there.

Stop acting so fucking stupid. Yay. You know a person’s birth name. Keep it to yourself or pass it PRIVATELY to people who may need to know it. Otherwise… SHUT THE FUCK UP. God I can’t believe how stupid and dangerous some of our supposed intellectuals and researchers are… Just blurting people’s birth names out because they have a wild hair up their arse. Posting it in bogs, speaking it on Facebook Live… Don’t. Don’t attempt to justify endangering people’s lives simply because you are responding to another person’s threats… That’s simply ludicrous and HYPOCRITICAL of you for justifying it as “protecting the community”.

5) In Closing.

Yes. We ARE a community. Like it or not. We may be a “subset” of humanity, however, we ARE a community. We have different factions, which we call everything from Courts to Councils to Orders to… We have a plethora of names for everything in the community. Like EVERY community, we’ve begged, borrowed, and outright stolen from every other community that has drawn our interest. We’ve done it to religions. We’ve done it to ancient cultures. We’ve done it to practically everything that has attracted our attention.

We ARE a community. Like EVERY community we do not always agree, see eye to eye, or like every other part of the community so STOP with the “we aren’t a real community” bullshit. We are just as real as ANY other community you can name. We started off, like many of them, as merely a fringe community and grew into what we are now.

We continue to grow. Just as EVERY other community has. We, sadly, won’t always get along, even in the best of times… Just as every other community. Yet. We grow.

To that end. It is my sincerest hope that one day. One day. We can get the fuck over the stupid assed power trips by people who can’t seem to control their own preternatural impulses long enough to see the harm they bring to the community as a whole. I don’t care WHAT kind of group you run. FOLLOW YOUR FUCKING RULES to the best of your ability and don’t just fucking do things to keep your higher ups “safe”. That is a dismal representation of the community as a whole and will ALWAYS lead to people thinking you are wrong about what you are doing.

This has been the Beast of Bitchery… Belfazaar Ashantison

Have a fucking night… I don’t give a damn what kind… Fuck off with the stupidity and leave my fucking name out of your fucking mouths.