Vampires, Roleplayers, Larpers and the Crescent City! Oh MY!

Look. I’m all for people being proud of their cities. It is something that SHOULD be a part of EVERYONE within the GVC, in general, and the world beyond that.

I’m proud of New Orleans. I am proud that, even though people are attempting to make it seem differently, She will ALWAYS be neutral in nature… As any “Mecca for the GVC” should be. Yes. There are MORE than one “Mecca for the GVC”.

Now. I don’t give a damn who lays claim to a piece of New Orleans. I don’t give a damn what organization you belong to. I ONLY give a damn about what you bring to the city. The hope you inspire within the community.

That’s it. That’s all I am concerned with. What you bring to the party, so to speak…

The past few days have been uncharacteristically hateful and filled with a vomitous bile.  Disregarding the very fact that not one person has come forth with any sort of common sense solution… Its just been muck-raking, mud-slinging, and a shit storm of what-aboutisms. Finger-pointing about every feckless, dubious allegation from 20+ years ago to the present.


You’re supposed to be friggin adults. Well let me clue you in on a little something. AS AN ADULT, just because I have problems with someone, this doesn’t mean that I won’t go to events to mingle with OTHER GVC members that I am friends with or consider to be close enough to call “family”. I am NOT supporting a specific person. I am supporting COMMUNITY. EVERY event, whether Endless Nights, Blood Lust, Alliance, Anne Rice, or even NOVA’s Cirque Du Nuit, hosts vendors and talent from across the spectrum of the community. I, like many others, go to support THEM. Not one specific person. THE. COMMUNITY. MEMBERS. EMPLOYED. BY. THESE. EVENTS. As well as to meet with those that have come to enjoy the Crescent City.

AS AN ADULT I do NOT judge a whole group of people based on the actions of a portion of that group. I judge people based on their OWN actions. I do NOT tell people who they can and cannot be friends with because I do NOT like being told who I can and cannot be friends with. That’s called being a FUCKING ADULT.

WHEN you come to New Orleans KNOW that those that are of the true spirit of New Orleans will NEVER make you choose between which parties to attend, which people to speak to, which places to go.  We will ONLY ever ask that you be safe. We will ONLY ever ask you to respect the Hotel/Motel, bar, event staff. We will ONLY ever want for you to enjoy your stay in our beautiful Crescent City.

FUCK the haters. ENJOY. FUCK any and all who attempt to tell you what parties and people to support. That is NOT the adult thing to do.

OH. And just to reiterate a few other things. I AM perfectly cool with sitting down like adults and hashing things out. I’ve made this KNOWN since Father Sebastiaan and I had issues… Yet. NOT ONE of you attempt to do this. No. You’d rather continue the same fucking shit that has perpetuated bad blood since the very beginning of the GVC. Sad. Bigly.

But what can I expect from people who continue to act like the GVC version of the GOP and continually spinning bad behavior to what they feel makes them appear to be innocent…

I. AM. AVAILABLE. I don’t hide for any reason nor from anybody. Feel free to say, “Hey. Zaar. Can we talk?”… I will let you know if I can, at that time, or if I need to set up another time for it. I. AM. AVAILABLE. TO. TALK. LIKE. AN. ADULT

(Have the simple minded got this fact yet??)

To those that think they know me… Grow the fuck up. If you truly knew me, you’d know that I can be a highly forgiving person.

Otherwise… Keep my fucking name out your mouth.