Stupidity in the GVC, YET AGAIN!!!

OK my lovelies… It is I, the Grumpy Friggin Bastiche From Hell.

Let me state this for the record. NEW ORLEANS IS NOW AND FOREVER A NEUTRAL HAVEN FOR THE WHOLE OF THE GVC. To that end, I am going to speak to YOU, the fucktard that decided to call a location, threaten the OWNERS of that location, to get ANY event cancelled makes you lower than low.

Yes. Yes. Yes. I know there are going to be those that are out there that are going to say that Logan is simply crying “wolf”! No. This time. Not even close. Events here, in New Orleans don’t just put money in the pockets of the “promoters”. It puts money in the COMMUNITIES pockets as well… From the hotels, B&Bs, Air B&Bs to the restaurants, pubs, bars of all flavors to the wait staff, bartenders, housekeepers, fast food servers, and any other friggin person that works in this TOURIST INDUSTRY FUCKING TOWN. In other words, you thankless fucktards, you attempted to take money out of MY pocket as well. I work in the tourist industry you fuckwitted cockknocking thundercunts.

You don’t seem to get it. EVEN though I had issues with Father Sebastiaan, I, PERSONALLY, took money out of my pocket to buy tickets for FOUR off duty police officers to attend Endless Nights to insure the safety of guests in New Orleans the year HIS event received threats similar to this nature. It was voted on by NOVA, ratified, and accepted that WE WOULD DO SOMETHING, because NEW ORLEANS IS A NEUTRAL MECCA FOR THE GREATER VAMPIRE COMMUNITY. As ANY of the Mecca’s for the community should be. We did it because it was THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

Logan and I have an issue. That will never be settled until WE, Logan and I alone, have a sit down and speak like adults. I will fight for his right to be a douchepickle all he wants. It is HIS right to be that. You don’t have a GODDAMN, MOTHERFUCKING, single right in this life, nor any other, to threaten the people who may be home to an event. Grow the fuck up you fucking pieces of shit. You want to fucking hurt him in MY city… You better be able to go through me and mine first… I will protect him. Despite, and maybe because of, him being a douchepickle. I will protect him because he is coming to MY city. I will protect him because it is the RIGHT thing to do. Like it or not. He brings people here to enjoy themselves in New Orleans and has EVERY right to do so.

You think its cool to take the money out of people’s pockets so that you can have your fucking little jollies. You’re no better than those fucking people threatening the children after a mass shooting. You are no better than those fuckers torturing the children in the fucking concentration camps on our Southern border. You are fucking no better than the motherfuckers who have harped on Greta’s autism instead of arguing her points.

You deserve NOTHING good in life.

You ARE the fucking weakest link.

DON’T come to New Orleans.

DON’T fucking stay on my friend list, if you happen to be part of it.  I know there are ‘observers’ from other groups there… Including some who may have been a part of this fucking stupid enterprise to fuck someone over.

Fuck off… Fuck straight off…