The Perpetual Need for Childish Endeavors… Like THREATENING People

OK my lovelies. Tis I. Your fiendishly familiar bitching bastard speaking out against the monotonous drone of idiocy that perpetually flows within the community.

For years we’ve been plagued with one form of idiocy or another in the GVC (Greater Vampire Community) and its time people begin to take a stand on the issues… AS THEY COME UP… After all, some of the have been around for a good long while and only cycle to the surface occasionally.

This time, folks, its people threatening people, either through outright threats of violence, inciting others to violence, and even, veiled threats of violence.

You see. Even in the best of communities you have people, often mislabeled as “bullies”, who go out of their way to make themselves seem like the victim, twisting events, attitudes, and actions along the way to enable this ‘victimhood’.

Take, for example, TWO of the three balls I attended this past Halloween.

One was the AMAZING Court of the Dark Fae. This event was held at the Audobon Zoo’s fantastic Tea Room with a secondary location held in the “swamp”, where I was to perform a Voodoo Ritual Blessing for the inaugural event. Most of my time there, I spent out on the open (and covered for the rain). MOST of the time, I was there, I was in the company of the King of Dallas, Mike Burgess. Even to the point of him itroducing me to Isibella. I filmed a little segment from the location, in which Lord Chaz was present. And then I made my way to the location where I was to do my ritual. Upon arrival, I spent time with Daniel du Kinque (mostly trying to track down the cigar, water and rum for the ritual). I did take time to check out the incredible buffet set up in this location. Fried Green Tomatoes and Roast Beast (on the rare side just like I like it)…

While at this particular venue, Maven was spinning, so I steered well clear of the DJ booth (until I was brought to the DJ booth by Isibella and her Court to perform the actual blessing). I saw Logan ONE time, to which I reached out my hand and said, “I still think of you, Brother.” and moved on to leave for the night. The whole exchange lasted LESS than 5 seconds and on my way out, I saw Daley coming off the ‘train’ as I was in line to get on the ‘train’ to go back to the main event space…

That’s it. One time. For LESS than 5 seconds. PERIOD. And then I caught Anya’s ritual in the main hall, to which I took a couple of sneak pics. Then I caught an uber and left. And only one rum shot was had the entire night because I take my Priesthood seriously when people hire me for work.

The SECOND event was the Alliance Ball. Upon entry, I spent time perusing the scene to see who was there and what, exactly, was going on where. I found a place to post up. Close to my two favorite things… The food and the booze. LOL. I poked my head out on the veranda ONE TIME. Noticed who was out there and turned around to steer clear of who was there… Logan and Daley.

I took a picture of where I posted up and made a campy comment about my “glamour” working and stayed right there EXCEPT for three specific occasions. The first, and most obvious, where I was standing for the predominant part of the night was RIGHT BEHIND THE MAIN BAR. Rum and cokes anyone???

The second time was to go and relieve myself. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, even I have to take a piss every now and again.

The third was to LEAVE THE ENTIRE BUILDING to go downstairs and deal with one of my kids who was in trouble. AS I WAS TALKING with him downstairs, Lori Koen Slavich, Beau Blackledge, and Aradia Esoterica made their illustrious entrance to the event.

After dealing with my wayward street child, I returned to the party. I posted up, yet again in that self same spot. At this time, however, I was joined by two young attendees, Mikki Loga and Steven Gunther.  We had a lovely conversation and it made the night so much more fun.

WHILE carrying on the conversation with Mikki and Steven, a disheveled Logan South came in from the direction of that patio balcony. I reached out my hand, yet again, and it was received. Logan then went on to ask where the bathroom was. I told him that it was behind him, second door on the left. He turned and began to go into the door IMMEDIATELY to the left… NOT the second door, so I called out to him that he was at the wrong door… TWICE. However, I. DID. NOT. MOVE. from my location.


This is where ‘veiled threat’ comes into play. Logan’s ENTIRE recount of the events, sadly, are a lie. A complete and utter fabrication. In his recounting of the events, he fails to take into account that I made NO MOVES that were not witnessed by CROWDS of people. As I said. I’m DELIBERATE not a fool.

I DELIBERATELY opened the doors for communication to have them shut in my face by an egomaniacal, manipulating douchepickle of a wannabe community leader who is more a cult leader than anything else.

Logan, in an open post on his facebook page, writes, “DO NOT try to corner me to shake my hand and make it appear that there is some peace between us. There isn’t.”

This predigious and, ironically, copy-cat egomaniacal douchepickle further states, “or I may deck your fucking lights out because I can’t stand the thought of having an abuser’s hand on my skin.”

You see. This is where, you may ask, what abuser is he talking about… Me. Of course. He’s perpetuating a lie based on a lie by someone else to justify his threat of violence. Even though people who have ACTUALLY spent YEARS living with me have stated several times that this is patently untrue. To justify his threat of violence, he has decided to embrace a lie…

This whole year has been about mending fences for many of us and many of the Elders in the GVC are actually attempting to cohesively work together to bring peace and understanding back into the GVC, as a whole… All save the group that call themselves “UNITY”… LOL

Sad. Pathetic. And becoming more sad and pathetic as time goes by…

Oh… And a personal message to Logan… This makes me more believe MIX’s side of the story of how you’ve sent goon squads after him and tried to force his little crazy ass away from the community. Oh. Wait. There’s even POLICE REPORTS that corroberate Mix’s side of the story. Sorry dude. YOU are the ABUSER. You’ve abused your people, your authority (such as it is), and your title.

To the rest of the GVC, as a whole, whenever you allow people of this nature, who either outright threaten others, or use veiled threats and are too chicken shit to actually name names in their threats, to enter your events, you are telling members of the GVC that you are TOTALLY OK WITH THE FACT THAT THERE MIGHT BE VIOLENCE AT YOUR EVENT. You might want to think about that when you’re producing your events.

Do you REALLY want to be seen as the person who allowed violence at your event? Do you REALLY want to take the chance that violence could break out at your event? It’s got to stop somewhere.

Threats have NO PLACE in ANY community. EVER. So stop with the childish bullshit. This isn’t Jr High. You’re not big boy/girl on campus. You can stop with the threats and veiled threats. Its so juvenile. And IF (and I do mean “IF”) you are truly attempting to be a good leader in the GVC, it might behoove you to understand that NOT EVERYONE is going to fall into your personal beliefs/attitudes/interests/associations. That’s just not how any community works.

Threats have NO PLACE in the GVC.