Contributor Guidelines

Want to write for Grumpy Vamp? We have a few rules to follow, but not too many.

1. We accept most types of content. Essays, memes, comics, you name it. BUT…you knew there was one coming didn’t you? All posts must abide by U.S. copyright law. This means you created the content yourself, the images or other content are in the public domain, or else it falls under Fair Use. If you’re not sure what constitutes public domain or fair use, Google. That. Shit.

2. No naming and shaming specific individuals. That crosses into libel territory and no one wants to deal with the legal hassle. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

3. Ideally, your post will be funny or clever, but straight up ranting is fine too. Strong language is welcome, but if your post isn’t much more than a string of swear words, we probably won’t post it. Be as salty as you like but also be relevant. The whole point is to pass on our experience so the kiddies can learn.

Think you have what it takes to join the Grump Collective? Got a topic you’d like to see us tackle on Grumpy Vamp? Send your submission to: thegrumpyvamp@gmail(dot)com.